Saturday, February 25, 2012

The lightweight blogging plan

In an attempt to not get too bogged down with technology on our trip and save money on mobile broadband fees, I figured out how to manage our blog on our 3G-equipped iPad. We don't have a smartphone, and don't anticipate getting one anytime soon. The cumulative cost seems prohibitive and unnecessary.

We'll be taking photos with both our Panasonic Lumix camera and on occasion the iPad as well. The handy iPad camera connection kit allows us to import photos to iPad, and we'll be using the Blogger app to write blog posts. The app is somewhat primitive, but it should do the trick. It's an iPhone app, but I also have an app called BlogPress that I'll experiment with. Maybe it will give us more formatting options, but either way we have all the tools necessary.

(11/25/12 Note: Ultimately we chose instead to buy a Verizon hot spot, which allowed us to have wireless Internet access all devices, including a laptop, the iPads and the boys' iPods. This was an excellent solution, even though there were lots of locations in National Parks where 3G access was spotty at best. Blogging is so much faster and easier on a laptop than an iPad.)

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