Friday, June 29, 2012

Reality Check: Does it Fit?

Today was our reality check day—we loaded up the van with just about everything we have packed thus far, and to our great relief, everything fit with room to spare. I even have room for my guitar and I'll be able to see out the rear view mirror. Miracles never cease. The bin system works well, and all of our clothes are rolled up and rubber-banded together.
We have seven bins—two for clothes, one for bike-related items and our stove, one for kitchen items, one for books, and finally the ever-popular miscellaneous items bin. I'm glad that I saved all of my old bike tubes, since they are a terrific alternative to bungee cords. It shouldn't be at all surprising that we have one bin crammed to the top with books for the whole family. Also, the boys have their own tent, which is definitely worth the extra space. They will love their autonomy, though I predict that they will be joining us in the big tent if we have big rain or thunderstorms.

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