Monday, July 16, 2012

Holy Hail, Batman!

We're currently once again huddled in the car, this time at Bryce Canyon, as we wait out a hailstorm. Just moments ago I returned from my 34 mile bike trip through the park road and back, and it looks like I returned not a moment too soon. I only endured a few minutes of hail on the ride, and otherwise it was just windy, with some steady south winds. We seem to be getting lots of dynamic weather in the last few days, and it's quite exciting in spite of the minor inconveniences.

Today was a welcome mellow day, that started off with welcome showers (luckily there are convenient shower stalls at the very cool general store) and more laundry. Where does all of this laundry come from? I just can't figure out how we're generating so much of it.

We hiked the Queen's Garden trail and marveled at the hoodoos, washouts and other interesting and quickly changing geological features. The boys are really getting into hiking the National Parks, especially with the lure of ice cream and the engaging junior ranger programs that each of the parks has to offer. We're really hitting our National Parks stride, and I'm also quite satisfied with the cycling that I'm able to fit in.

Now I have to sign off and figure out how to deal with a bucket full of wet shoes (the wind blew the lid off), and also we have a river running under our tent. At least we're all safe and good-humored.

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