Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Regaining Our Footing

Gail writes:
We've had a discontented couple of days here at Points West. I think that being together all the time is wearing on us a bit. After the epic grumpiness of Saturday and Sunday, we regained our footing a bit yesterday and seem to be on a better trajectory...sometimes. There's still some brotherly bickering that's raring up, and occasional displays of attitude. I guess that's inevitable when we're not more than a few feet apart for days at a time.

Yesterday we had a nice, mostly flat hike around String Lake, followed by a swim in the shadows of the tall mountains. Then we had a campfire and some singing, which seemed to make all of us feel a bit more kindly toward each other. I woke up in the night to the sound of coyotes howling in the distance.

Today we headed out to Jenny Lake, where we took the boat shuttle across the lake and hiked into Cascade Canyon. The first part of that hike, up to Inspiration Point, was like hiking on the thruway--super busy and crowded, though with amazing views. Most people stop at Inspiration Point but we continued on into the canyon and were rewarded by a much less crowded, easier hike through beautiful country, with the peaks looming right above us. The boys hiked with high spirits and good cheer, which was a relief after the considerable whining of days past.

Now we're catching up on the online world here in Jackson. Tomorrow is our last day in the Tetons, so we'll find another great hike, then start the process of packing up so we can go to Yellowstone on Thursday. We've really enjoyed our time at Grand Teton, and the rangers we've talked to seem thrilled that we're staying so long. One told us that 75% of their visitors just drive through and rarely get out of their cars, except to snap pictures at the viewpoints. It's a shame, because the camping is great, there are spectacular hiking trails, and the scenery is unbeatable. You really can't take a bad picture here!

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